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Mexico borders the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea on the east, and leads to the Atlantic Ocean. According to the data of the Census 2010, Mexico has a population of 112,336,538, which is the most populous Spanish-speaking country and the second most populous country in Latin America, after Brazil. About 60% of her population is of Indo-European descent, 30% are of Indian descent, and 9% are of European descent.

According to Census 2010, Roman Catholicism is the main religion, accounting for 82.7%, while 9.7% belonged to other Christianity related denominations, including Evangelicals (5.2%), Pentecostal (1.6%), and other Protestant Reforms (0.7%) ), Jehovah’s Witnesses (1.4%), Seventh-day Adventists (0.6%), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (0.3%). Less than 0.2% belongs to other non-Christian religions; 4.7% declare no religion; 2.7% are unknown.

Mexico is the second largest Catholic country in the world, with approximately 90 million Catholics, second only to Brazil. 47% of them attended the weekly mass. Every December 12th, the festival of the patron saint of Mexico-Our Lady of Guadalupe-is the most important religious holiday of the country.

Mexico Ministry

The need in Mexico

The Needs of the Chinese in Mexico

There are many Chinese people working and doing business in cities and towns outside Mexico City. They only want to make more money and look for business opportunities for relocating to this place. The number of this group of Chinese is also quite large, there are more than 40,000 Chinese registered with the Mexican government in 2005, (not counting those who are not registered with the government). There are more than 20,000 Chinese in Mexico City and more than 20,000 outside the city. The number of Chinese people moving to Mexico is increasing; the field is large but lack of workers.

The needs of Mexican Locals

Latin American countries, including Mexico, mainly believe in Catholicism, but many lack a good understanding of their beliefs, and some are combined with local folk beliefs, and the objects of worship are unfocused. They seem to know the Lord Jesus Christ, but their beliefs are mixed with many false teachings. They need to know the only true God.

Heresies continue to arise there, and heretics continue to work hard to spread their beliefs, and non-believers in general, do not know how to separate true and false Christian beliefs. There are many hungry, poor, out-of-school non-Spanish-speaking groups roaming around in cities. They are afflicted and displaced, as if there is no sheep shepherd. Who wants to love and serve them?

Ministry Direction in Northwest Mexico

  • Pioneering evangelism and visitation to Chinese
  • Establish relationships with local churches and partner to develop local ministries
  • Cultivate and train disciples and seminarians who are dedicated to serving in cross-cultural missions
  • Conduct Chinese Culture and Language classes to build bridges for gospel outreach to locals and Chinese
  • Promote and cultivate local believers to spread the gospel to locals and Chinese